Welcome to the RMC Club - NS Branch

Welcome to the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada Nova Scotia Branch website.

We are currently modifying our Branch website extensively to make it bilingual and incorporate elements to support our participation in attracting more candidates to our Colleges.  Please bear with us while we make these changes.

If you are interested in attending one of the Colleges, please see "Apply to Our Military Colleges" at the left or contact us at 902-701-8121 or colleges@rmcclubns.ca.  Our Branch supports candidates from all three Maritime Provinces.

For more information about the Colleges Attraction Program or to join our Team, please see "Attracting Candidates to our Military Colleges" at the left or contact us colleges@rmcclubns.ca.

This is the Branch repository of Club news, events and history. If you have articles, pictures or announcements that you would like to post on the site, please use the “Contact Us” button.  We also have a Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/RMC.Club.NS.Branch/.

Thank you,

8120 Bill Gard   Branch President