As stated in the Constitution of the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada, the objectives of the Club are: “the bringing together of its members for mutual benefit and support; the encouragement and maintenance of that camaraderie which has always existed at the Canadian Military Colleges; and the advancement and welfare of its members, the cadets and the Canadian Military Colleges generally."

The Nova Scotia Branch over the years has contributed to keeping its membership up to date and has provided an opportunity for fellow graduates to meet on a monthly basis at venues such as the Royal Artillery Park Officers' Mess. The Branch has provided representatives to the General Council including the Club Past President, and from time to time members have served on various Parent Club committees.

The Branch is now engaging with Recruiting Centres throughout the Maritime Provinces in a pilot program to attract more candidates to our Military Colleges.  For further information click on the "Colleges Attraction Team" tab at the left.

An annual ‘Meet and Greet’ is normally held between Christmas and New Year’s in order to afford Cadets who are returning home for the Christmas break an opportunity to meet with Branch members and, more importantly, with high school students (and their families) who may be considering applying for acceptance at the Royal Military College Kingston, Ontario or the Collège Militaire Royal Saint Jean, Québec.

With the Internet our Branch is able to keep in touch with over 1000 members across the Maritimes Provinces.