This site is intended to assist people who want to go to one of Canada's two military colleges--the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario and the College Militaire Royal in Saint Jean, Québec.  Our Colleges provide a superb university education combined with integral leadership development and enhancement of your physical fitness and bilingual abilities.

The Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada is the alumni association and is dedicated to the success of candidates and cadets at the Colleges. We are ready to assist you with the recruiting and selection processes, and provide you with information, advice, and help in preparing for and transitioning to life at the Colleges and you career in the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Nova Scotia Branch supports candidates throughout the three Maritime Provinces and can be contacted at 902-701-8121 or  Immediately after contacting us, a Branch Team member will be assigned to meet you and assist you as you need.  At various times throughout the coming year, we will also offer opportunities for you to attend a variety of information and training events such as a Colleges familiarization briefing, a Holiday Reception with current cades and recent graduates of the Colleges, and other preparatory activities.

In the interests of full disclosure, the Club is coordinating its program with the Recruiting Centres, but our activities are informal and in no way part of the official recruiting and selection process. We see our efforts as complementing and supplementing the essential Recruiting Centre procedures.  Your interactions with the Club are purely voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time.

This site is under development but will eventually provide pictures and descriptions of life at our Military Colleges, as well as more information to assist candidates with the recruiting and selection processes.  In the interim, questions may be directed to 902-701-8121 or

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