In order to apply to attend one of the Royal Military Colleges, you will need to apply to Join the Canadian Armed Forces under the "Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)".  The video How to Apply to the Canadian Forces 2014 is helpful in explaining the application process.  

A member of the Colleges Attraction Team is ready to assist you with the following application process 902-701-8121 or

1.  Go to the online Canadian Armed Forces Online Application website and click the "Apply Now" tab

2.  The next page outlines the minimum requirements to join the Canadian Armed Forces for any position, i.e. minimum of sixteen years of ago and a Canadian citizen.  [Note that the minimum academic standards for the Colleges are higher than the minimums indicated on this page.]  Click on the "Apply Now" tab.

3.  On the next page under "Steps to applying online" step 2, click "login".

4. On this page, you need to either create a Government of Canad Key (GCKey) or continue to sign in if you already have one.  IMPORTANT! The GCKey is unique to you and covers many federal government services, so be sure to record the login name and password in a secure manner and record it somewhere where you can find it again.

5.  When you have created your GCKey or signed in using your existing GCKey, you will be taken to the start of the application process to join the Canadian Armed Forces.